Good evening!!

Seniors, your hand board is ready for you to put your hand on it. This Friday, 5/22, you will be able to put your hand on the legacy! :) Carefully read the instructions below.

A Cappella Senior Hand Board Instructions

Seniors will get to put their hands on the senior hand board this Friday. Please closely follow these instructions. They are easy but since we are guests at this location we must follow the guidelines.

First Christian Church is allowing us to do the hand board on their property with the following guidelines:

  1. Students must wear a mask

  2. Only one student at the board at a time

  3. Other students that are waiting must wait in their cars


Groups and times:

10:00 AM, Capshaw-Jones

10:30 AM, Junior-Penn

11:00 AM, Rosales-Taylor

11:30 AM, Tuohy-Woodruff

(PLEASE email Mr. Hicks if these times do not work for you.)



(See Map for Reference)

First Christian Church’s address is 807 SE 14th St, Bentonville, AR 72712. The church is located directly across the street from the Bentonville Police Station on Highway 102. 

1. Please park behind the building near the hand board location.

2. Please wait in your car for your turn, first come first serve.

3. Be sure to wear a mask.

4. When it is your turn go to the hand board.

5. Write your name on the board.

6. Dip your hand in the paint and then place your print on the board next to your name.

7. Clean your hand.


That’s it! We’ll share a photo of the finished board.

(479) 254-5122

1801 SE J St, Bentonville, AR 72712, USA

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